Thursday, May 23, 2013


I have a table setting problem.  As in, I have more than a couple of sets of dishes.  And in my dream world, I also have a storage unit full of furniture and accessories so that I can constantly change up my décor, with every season, or perhaps, every time I see something on Pinterest that I love.  Notably, that is my dream world, and I would have to figure out a way to keep it from making me, well, a hoarder.   Anyway, enough about my furniture fantasies and on to how you can make your décor (and gift, and table setting) dreams come true.  Here it is:  South. 

South is a relatively new store in Meadowmont.   They have so many gorgeous things, that I've taken to leaving my purse in the car when I go in, just to keep my purchasing impulse in check.  They have everything from gorgeous Simon Pearce glassware to fun cookbooks to beautiful, modern throw pillows and even furniture.    And their notecards, classic with just a bit of sparkle--don't even get me started.

Prices are widely varied, of course, depending on what you are interested in buying.  The service and level of attention to detail are impeccable.    From wedding to graduation to baby gifts, South is on my short list of go-to shops.

Here is what you need to know:

107 Meadowmont Village Circle
Chapel Hill, NC 
Open Monday-Saturday

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Jean's Strawberry Patch

Our strawberry haul from Jean's berry patch!!!
I love strawberries.  My three year old son has an obsession with loves strawberries.  With strawberry season upon us, it only seemed natural that we would go pick strawberries.  (okay, not really.  I'm all over fresh strawberries, but until this weekend, the freshest we got came from the farmers' market, which I consider pretty darn fresh.  I haven't been traipsing through any sort of field since I went looking for arrowheads in cotton fields when I was 18.  Note, I did that because I liked a boy who liked looking for arrowheads and if I came upon a snake, certainly he would save me, right? ... anyway, H was set on picking strawberries, so we went in search of a strawberry patch.)

We headed out to Jean's Strawberry Patch Saturday morning.  Yes, right before the rain, but we were determined.  It. was. fabulous.  Fresh strawberries and baked goods that were inexpensive and easy.    So, if you are a strawberry patch novice like I was, or if you haven't been to Jean's, here's the deal. 

Lots of people bring their own baskets.  I didn't.  I was clueless.  that's okay--they have some there that you can use.  So, we grabbed our basket and headed down the path to the field (it's really right there).  There were strawberries galore, and because of the impending rain, not crowded at all. We had a great time picking the berries and putting them in our basket.  It was sprinkling when we started, but my son really wanted to keep going, so we sent my husband and Baby E to the car and we kept picking.  Soon, it was pouring rain.  Not just a little rain; I fully expected to see an Ark, so we decided to make a run for it.  The folks at Jean's couldn't have been nicer, ringing us up quickly as we huddled in our mud filled shoes under the shelter (hey, we were in a field, after all--and H loved that we got our shoes "stuck in mud."). They transferred the berries to a cardboard flat box, we paid and off we went! 

Let's talk location.  Jean's is located off Highway 751 in Apex.  I was a little daunted--are we really driving all the way to Apex to pick strawberries?  I clearly had a misperception on the distance, because I think it took us a whopping ten minutes on 751 to get there and park.

The prices are good.  I happen to think that $1.75/pound is fantastic for fresh strawberries.  and if you aren't interested in picking them, you can buy them pre-picked for $4.50/quart.

For Allison's take, make sure you check out the review over on Mom in Chapel Hill!

So, once again, I went venturing into a field for the love of a boy. This time, it will only be a matter of days, not over a decade, before I go back. 

Jean's Berry Patch
3003 NC Hwy #751 Apex, NC 919-362-5800


Monday, May 13, 2013

LoMo Market

Have you checked out LoMo Market?  I checked it out a few weeks ago and I might seriously campaign to bring it to my neighborhood.  If you don't know what LoMo Market is, think Farmers' Market meets food truck.  Awesome!  

I will admit, I wasn't sure what to expect when I drove up to their stop at Briar Chapel, but what I found was great!  The inside of the truck is fitted with shelves, bins and refrigerator cases. The cases are filled with seasonal local produce and fabulous locally made foods, from Nello's Sauce (delicious) to BeanPeace Coffee (fair trade beans locally roasted in Durham) to Cottage Lane Kitchen's Spicy Pepper Relish and Huntington Kitchen's granola, you can find everything you need.  In fact, you can find everything from baked goods (hello, Scratch!) to meat from Firsthand Foods (formerly Farmhand Foods) and dairy from Chapel Hill Creamery.  For the full list of vendors, click  

Now, paying.  I went with cash, but you don't have to.  They take credit cards.  Really, could they make life any easier?   

So, how do you figure out where they will be on any given day?  Want to know what they have on the truck on the day you want to visit?  Check out their website.  They've got all the information you need, and chances are, they have a stop near you!

If you love going local, you've got to give LoMo Market a try! 

LoMo Market


Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Resources: Cornucopia Cancer Support Center

This post has been a long time coming, and this introduction is the most difficult thing I've ever written.   As many of you know, I was away from the blog for awhile.  And most of you know that during that time, I had Sweet Baby Girl E.  What only a select few know is that just a few weeks after baby E's delivery, a very close family member was diagnosed with lung cancer.  (Let me stop here and say that I am writing  this introduction with my family member's full knowledge and approval.  We agree that if something good can come of her diagnosis, it should.  However, I'm not sharing exactly who it is.  No matter what, I believe that any diagnosis is the patient's to share.  Not mine.  Hence, the reason for the lack of specifics.)  A cancer diagnosis is always a kick to the gut...unfortunately, we've been there before.  But somehow, this one was completely out of the blue.  No risk factors.  No symptoms.  We were very lucky that it was diagnosed coincidentally.  All through a whirlwind of appointments, consultations, second opinions and surgeries, the thing we kept coming back to is: where are the resources?  How do we even begin to get through this?

One of the places we were referred to is Cornucopia Cancer Support Center.  I fully believe in the work they do.  So, I have invited them to share their mission, and their services, on this site.  Since I made the invitation, I learned from their Facebook page that they need to raise $100K this month to keep their doors open.  Even though it is just getting started,  Two Girl Fridays will donate 10% of proceeds this month to Cornucopia House, and we urge you to help as well!  For more information on their fundraising campaign, please click here  to visit their website.  Now, on to the post, from Cornucopia director Olivia Lawrence: 

At Cornucopia Cancer Support Center, we believe that all people touched by cancer benefit when they are part of a caring community that offers support, compassion, and hope as they navigate that difficult path. Whether you have cancer, are a survivor, a family member or caregiver, we are here for you.

Cornucopia sets the standard for non-clinical cancer care with services now validated by the medical community as integral approaches to complement traditional cancer treatments. These include individual, peer and group support, movement classes such as yoga, body relaxation and energy therapies, a library resource center, and in-home services.  

We’re also able to reach beyond our walls by providing all our services in the home of those who may not be well enough to visit our center in Durham. And, our Peer Connect phone-based support program pairs those who have had cancer or have been a caregiver with others who are just starting their journey. Plus, our radio program, That Cancer Show™, reaches individuals throughout the U.S. to provide them with valuable information from experts and those affected by cancer.  This live talk-radio program airs Sundays, 8-9 pm ET on WPTF 680 AM, WSJS 600 AM, and streams live on You may also listen to podcasts on Cornucopia’s website –

Since its founding in 1995, Cornucopia has stood beside all those affected by cancer – its leaders, providers, and volunteers ensure that Cornucopia is a place where anyone touched by cancer can find the support and resources they need to live life to the fullest.™

Please contact us – 919/401-9333 and via email at Details about all our services are available at

Cornucopia Cancer Support Center
5517 Durham Chapel Hill Blvd., Suite 1000
Durham NC  27707-3328


Virtual Food Truck Rodeo

It's May!  The weather is finally getting better.  More and more often, many of us will be headed out to grab lunch or dinner from some of the fabulous food trucks the Triangle has to offer.  We've told you about some of our favorites, but we know lots of you have been writing about food trucks as well.  Here is your chance to show us your stuff!  Join our Virtual Food Truck Rodeo and link up your favorite food truck blog posts here! 

How do you do it?  It's pretty simple.  You write a blog post (or update one you've already written) and insert the link to this post (if you're as new to link parties as I am, that is what makes it a link party, or, in our case, a rodeo.)  Then, come on back over and link up your post.  You'll be able to select your own thumbnail image and short description to appear on this site.   

We're so happy to have you!  May the rodeo begin!

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Announcing Two Girl Fridays!

So, I've been promising our realtor and property management friends an announcement; something that will help them.  Here it is!    Introducing Two Girl Fridays!  A concierge service with realtors in mind.  From shopping for local closing gifts to putting together itineraries for out of town clients to compiling lists of local resources and doing research, we can help you give your clients the very best service, and still give you time to sleep! 

We also offer project related general services to anyone from individuals to businesses.  From all those details that are a headache when you are moving, to helping you find the right vendor at the right time (have you ever tried to figure out who might be able to deliver food to a sick family member in a different city?'s easier said than done), let us help you make your life easier!

For more information on services offered, check out the Two Girl Fridays website!  Or you can always email me at

Monday, April 29, 2013

The UNC Clef Hangers and Their Old Well Sing

I love the Clef Hangers.  I have loved them since I was 18.  Thankfully, I no longer have crushes on any of them, because, really, that would probably make me Joan Crawford.......  But, during my days at Carolina, you can bet I did have crushed on a select few Clefs.  In fact, I married the Man from Montreal because he can sing.  He would claim otherwise, but trust me, he can.

So, why am I telling you about the Clef Hangers' 2013 Spring Old Well Sing on the last day of classes?  I mean, isn't it just kind of mean since, well, it's over?  Nope. I don't think so.  Here's why:  You can catch them several times a year, and not just at the Old Well Sing.  They have concerts, they are on iTunes, and yes, my friends, they have a YouTube Channel.

So, who are these people?  They are UNC's oldest male a capella group. They were formed by Barry Saunders back in 1977.  They've been around, sporting their trademark vests with buttons, and bowties, ever since.  (okay, if you want to get down to brass tacks, the vests and bowties came in 1978).    And they put on     

The Old Well sing happens every fall and spring semester at the Old Well, on the last day of classes.  It's a spirited, fun time with great music, and trust me, you will not be the only non-student there.

For more information on where you can catch the Clefs, check out their website here.   If you want to hear them sing Africa (my favorite), check out this Youtube Video!  But whatever you do, don't miss them.  They are one of the great things about living in Chapel Hill! 
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